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The Rand Paul Foreign Policy Pile-On

“Senator Paul’s position is inexcusable. It renders him unfit to serve as President of the United States should he be eyeing the 2016 candidacy.” — Richard Epstein, September 2 It was inevitable. The atrocities of ISIS have rekindled... read more

Goad: “Modern Israel’s Terrorist Roots”

Jim Goad at Taki’s Magazine explores the root of Israel’s power in the Middle East. The evidence suggests that Jews seized power in the Middle East the old-fashioned way—through violence. Read more... read more

Buchanan: “Is ISIS ‘An Existential Threat’?”

Writing at Taki’s Magazine, Pat Buchanan analyzes the latest war mongering from the NeoCons: King, McCain and Graham want Obama to play imperial president and launch a preemptive war that their own Congress has not authorised. What kind of constitutionalists,... read more

Iraq, Russia, Wherever: Don’t Be Neo-Conned Again

I don’t think they expected it at all. The plan did not have the necessary elements in it to deal with this. There was a thought — an expectation, a hope, if you will — that this thing was going to be quick and easy and bloodless, and we were going to be welcomed with... read more