Conjecture: The Silence on China

Conjecture:  The Silence on China

US silence in the case of China’s claims to every rock, shoal and fishing right to within a few miles of the Philippines coast is even more an indicator of how far the State Department’s so-called China experts will go to appease Beijing. —, May 2014

A funny thing happened yesterday: Foreign-owned U.S. debt exceeded $6 trillion for the first time ever. This milestone cannot pass without us also recalling who owns the debt:


As soon as they don’t need our consumers to buy their cheap junk, China can push the self-destruct button for the U.S. economy. How long before the formerly third-world’s rising middle classes can replace us? A decade or two? I sure look forward to living through that.

I also can’t help but wonder what sort of rhetoric we would be hearing if it were Russia that owned $1.2 trillion in U.S. securities. Maybe a little more about stuff like this, and a little less about stuff like this. I can’t imagine Hillary ever comparing a Chinese president to Hitler. If that sort of comparison has been made, I would be curious about the details if anyone feels like sharing.