Judicial Tyrant Tramples Upon Democracy

So, four things in response to this. 

1. We don’t live in a democracy. We live in a judicial dictatorship that allows democracy to function when the people conform to its ideological line, and crushes democracy when it sees fit.

2. The left does not believe in democracy. It may claim to champion democracy, it may solemnly voice concerns about voter ID laws, low participation among the poor and minorities in the political process (many of whom oppose “gay marriage”, by the way), but it is 100% nonsense. Like the judiciary, the left believes only in a democracy in which the people choose “correctly.” It isn’t that much different than the sort of “democracy” favored by Islamic theocrats or atheist communists. Don’t forget, North Korea is, at least in title, a “democratic republic”!

3. Anti-democracy currents on the right are therefore somewhat misplaced. There are valid theoretical critiques of democracy to be made, but when they are made with the assumption that we actually live in a democracy and that the democratic process is responsible for cultural decline, egalitarian madness and leftist ascendancy, they are wrong. The problem rests exactly where Jefferson said it would come to rest: with a judicial oligarchy that is unaccountable to the people.

4. I’ve said it before, and will again: our hope lies in the East. And by that, I don’t mean Massachusetts. I mean Russia.

All this is separate from what I think of the actual issue of “gay marriage”, which is almost a sideshow compared to these more substantial issues.