Give ‘em Just What They Wish For

Give ‘em Just What They Wish For

Fast-food workers around the country are protesting for a $15/hr. minimum wage. They really think they deserve it. $15/hr, for assembling food, work that anyone can do. $15/hr. for unskilled work requiring no education and minimal training. Not only do they deserve it, but it is a divine, natural and human right, to be retroactively included the Magna Charta, the English Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

Ok, sure, I’m on board. Why not?

Forget about the fact that most people who earn 15/hr are skilled or semi-skilled workers who require more training and have greater responsibilities, such as the people typically responsible for managing restaurants. Forget about the fact that there are college graduates with associates and bachelor’s degrees who aren’t fortunate enough to make 15/hr in spite of the investment of time, money and effort they made in themselves. Forget about the fact that this used to be the kind of job that teenagers did for a few summers, as opposed to some sort of life-long career that one would try to maintain a family with. Forget about the fact that this laughable wage hike will, if it goes through, cause fast food prices to considerably increase, negatively impacting not the evil 1%, but the masses of average and poor consumers who actually eat the stuff (for more on this and other facts of the matter, see the Heritage Foundation’s latest report). No, I think they ought to get their raise.

The sooner they do, the sooner we can be rid of their whining, since they will all be unemployed and replaced with machines. Good riddance to the whole lot of them. In order to receive value from society, you must give something of value to it. If your services are not worth 15/hr, you do not “deserve” 15/hr. And if you cannot afford to raise a family on what fast food restaurants pay, then either get some skills to increase your value as a worker, or don’t have kids. It is not acceptable for you to make your choices our problems. And so I welcome the full automation of fast food restaurants. The sooner the better.

Conjecture:  The Silence on China

Conjecture: The Silence on China

US silence in the case of China’s claims to every rock, shoal and fishing right to within a few miles of the Philippines coast is even more an indicator of how far the State Department’s so-called China experts will go to appease Beijing. —, May 2014

A funny thing happened yesterday: Foreign-owned U.S. debt exceeded $6 trillion for the first time ever. This milestone cannot pass without us also recalling who owns the debt:


As soon as they don’t need our consumers to buy their cheap junk, China can push the self-destruct button for the U.S. economy. How long before the formerly third-world’s rising middle classes can replace us? A decade or two? I sure look forward to living through that.

I also can’t help but wonder what sort of rhetoric we would be hearing if it were Russia that owned $1.2 trillion in U.S. securities. Maybe a little more about stuff like this, and a little less about stuff like this. I can’t imagine Hillary ever comparing a Chinese president to Hitler. If that sort of comparison has been made, I would be curious about the details if anyone feels like sharing.